About us

Our Agency offers the best customer service and maintains the best stevedoring group. We also maintain an excellent personal and professional relationship with the Haitian Government Customs and Port Officials. We maintain up-to-date container tracking control and inventory. We know almost, if not all, the Haitian Importers & Exporters and preserve our best relations with them and are proud to state that during the last 50 years, we have kept the lowest file on claims.

Our operations department is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to handle your vessel’s needs, large or small. Our operations Managers and boarding agents are experienced, forward-looking, proactive representatives’ intent on protecting your best interests in the ports of Haiti. You can expect prompt vessel updates, berthing availability & port condition reports.

Core values
We have been developing leadership objectives and core values that represent the foundational ideology of our organization.
These values and objectives guide us in everything we do and are the benchmark that determines whether we are living and working following our Vision & Mission.
We are one team. We value & support each other to ensure growth. We know our people and what drives them. We trust our colleagues to perform, and so do our clients. Setting high expectations and giving lots of responsibilities continues to energize our workforce and get the best from each other.
We want to behave honestly and consistently adhere to high ethical standards. Everyone at Thebaud Steamship Agents acts with honor, honesty, respect & fairness.
We are committed to working together as a team of professionals. Upward, Downward & Lateral communication is done openly, politely & effectively.
We are constantly pursuing excellence & hold each other to exceed industry standards. We rarely make mistakes, but we learn from them; We do not make the same mistake twice.
Our customers know that our motto is to offer them a tailored service with close attention to detail. Our philosophy is simple: to provide you with the best service because we are sensitive to your business needs, and we adapt accordingly.
Our duty is to give our clients the excellent service they deserve every single time, while maintaining competitive rates with a high level of professionalism. Regardless of the type of cargo or the ports involved, an efficient & swift transport solution is always the goal.
Every shipment is different. We approach each one with the desire to make it work and tailor its needs. And with that, we quickly adapt to new or changing requirements.
We strive to upgrade our customer service and add features to develop creative solutions that best meet the needs and exceed our client's expectations.